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Books Written by Dr. Kamau Kambon

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Dr. Kamau Kambon ebooks

Dr. Kambon is author of several books:

  • "Black Guerrilla Warfare in amerika: a Peoples' Manual and Manifesto on Resistance and Survival" ·(Out of Print)

  • Tips on Quick and Easy Ways Afrikans Can Commit Subtle Suicide" (Out of Print)

  • "Food Health and You: Why Black People Die So Young"

  • "The Case For A Class Action Educational Malpractice Lawsuit", monograph in, "To Heal A People", Kujichagulia Press, 1996

  • The Last Book”, featuring “The Last Black Man Standing”, has
    received worldwide acclaim and has been performed in high schools, colleges and churches from California to Florida to New York

  • The BlackTrix/Narrative of the BlackTrix

  • The Declaration of Dr. Kamau Kambon: I speak for no one
  • You Should be Ashamed of Your Duped Parents
  • You Should be Ashamed of Your Nice but Duped Parents Part II
  • You Should be Ashamed of Your Nice but Duped Parents Part III
  • Messages From Our Afrikan Ancestors
  • The Last Black man Standing
  • Analyzing the Global Landscape: The Afrikan End Game
  • Cheering For the People
  • The Blackest Book
  • THE Blackest Book - Part II

Contact Info

  • Dr. Kamau Kambon
  • PO Box 1256
  • Wendell, NC 27591

About this site

  • is a website dedicated to the preservation and proliferation of the Afrikan Liberation philosophy and genius of Dr. Kamau Kambon by documenting and archiving his books, articles, blogs, videos, aphorisms and thoughts.
  • This site is dedicated exclusively to the Total Liberation of Afrikan People throughout Space and Time from under white world terror domination.

Dr. Kambon ebooks