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I neither fancy myself as a leader nor a hero. I am Afrikan, and see mySelf connected to Afrikans all over the world.

I want Freedom for all Black people.I want Freedom for all Black people.


Be about it
  • Dr. Kamau Kambon

    Dr. Kambon holds a B.A. Degree in education/history from a university in New England, has a master’s degree in physical education from a university in New England, has both a M.A. And a M. Ed. Degree in education/administration from an Ivy League school, and an Ed. D. In urban education/curriculum and instruction from an Ivy League School.
    Over the course of eighteen years, Dr. Kambon served as an assistant professor at a HBCU in the south and has taught general psychology, tests and measurements, educational psychology, teaching of reading, seminars in education, modern elementary school, methods in science and mathematics, methods in secondary education, and methods in the social sciences.
    He also has been certified as a high school principal, curriculum specialist –at the doctoral level-and a language arts teacher, K-12.
  • Dr. Kamau Kambon

    Dr. Kambon was admitted to “Who’s Who Among College Professors” for two different years. He has two plaques honoring and denoting his achievements.
    Dr. Kambon was nominated three times and selected once, as “Professor of the Year”, by a college-wide student survey, as an outstanding teacher in teacher education.
    Dr. Kambon has numerous community awards and college citations for his services over the course of thirty years.
    He has appeared on numerous television and news programs.
  • Dr. Kamau Kambon

    Over the past seven years, Dr. Kambon has taught Introduction to Black Studies and Introduction to Afrikan Civilization at the University level. Although not practicing, Dr. Kambon holds a degree in naturopathy.
    Dr. Kambon served as a counselor and then director, for three years, of a pre-matriculation program for pre-college students that focused on their intensive and enhanced development in reading, comprehension, test-taking skills, study skills, mathematics and exposure to a vast cultural experience.
    This program produced outstanding results and received national acclaim: some of the graduates went on to become admission directors of several different universities and one became a millionaire.
    There were many other major success stories as a result of this pre-college experience. Dr. Kambon received an award for his service to the program.
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Books Written by Dr. Kamau Kambon

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Dr. Kamau Kambon ebooks

Dr. Kambon is author of several books:

  • "Black Guerrilla Warfare in amerika: a Peoples' Manual and Manifesto on Resistance and Survival" ·(Out of Print)

  • Tips on Quick and Easy Ways Afrikans Can Commit Subtle Suicide" (Out of Print)

  • "Food Health and You: Why Black People Die So Young"

  • "The Case For A Class Action Educational Malpractice Lawsuit", monograph in, "To Heal A People", Kujichagulia Press, 1996

  • The Last Book”, featuring “The Last Black Man Standing”, has
    received worldwide acclaim and has been performed in high schools, colleges and churches from California to Florida to New York

  • The BlackTrix/Narrative of the BlackTrix

  • The Declaration of Dr. Kamau Kambon: I speak for no one
  • You Should be Ashamed of Your Duped Parents
  • You Should be Ashamed of Your Nice but Duped Parents Part II
  • You Should be Ashamed of Your Nice but Duped Parents Part III
  • Messages From Our Afrikan Ancestors
  • The Last Black man Standing
  • Analyzing the Global Landscape: The Afrikan End Game
  • Cheering For the People
  • The Blackest Book
  • THE Blackest Book - Part II